The My Account Portal provides you with the power to fully manage your personal account including the ability to view your complete transaction ledger, submit service requests to our support team and make one-time epayments. If you are a condo owner and would like to utlize our Repeating ACH Debit Plan please use the links below on the right.

Tip: We strongly suggest that you review the Users Manual to step-by-step instructions.

First Time Users: In order to use the My Account Portal you must have an active user account with a valid username and password. You can create a new account using one of two methods: (A user account is not required to enroll in a Repeating ACH Debit Plan)

  1. Self-Create Account - By clicking the "Create New Account" link on the next page (after clicking one of the My Account Portal links above) you can register a new account within the system. In order to utilize this option you must enter the following two pieces of personal information:
    • Email Address - This must exactly match the email address on file with Connected Management
    • Account Number - Each resident has a unique account number within the management systems at Connected.

    Your account number and the email address provided to us by your board were detailed in your welcome packet. You can also obtain this information from a staff member at Connected Management. Please email or call (773) 913 - 2569 x 1 to request your information.

  2. Created by Connected - A member of our support staff can create a user account on your behalf. You will be provided with a username and password. Please call our support team at (773) 913 - 2569 x 1 and ask for your user account to be created.