Condo Rental Management Pricing

You will not find a higher level of management for single-unit condominiums in Chicago. Best of all, our price is well under half that of many competitors.

Mystery Pricing The truth is that whether your unit rents for $4,000 per month or $1,500 per month the requirements on the management company are essentially the same. The management industry has a long history of using a "percentage of rent" pricing model, which overcharges most owners, especially those with the most expensive units.

Since "percentage-based" pricing works to the benefit of the management industry no one has proposed a fair, flat-fee pricing model. That is, until Connected!

Monthly Rent Connected's Fee Fees Charged by Others on a Percentage Basis
  10%InfoManagement fee based upon a percentage of the rent. 9%InfoManagement fee based upon a percentage of the rent. 7%InfoManagement fee based upon a percentage of the rent. 6%InfoManagement fee based upon a percentage of the rent.
$4,000 $100 $400 $360 $280 $240
$3,000 $100 $300 $270 $210 $180
$2,500 $100 $250 $225 $175 $150
$2,000 $100 $200 $180 $140 $120

What about "free" handyman hours?

In reality most condominium units do not require 1-2 hours of maintenance work per month. Things just don't tend to break that often. And the items that do tend to break, such as HVAC and appliances, typically aren't covered by these in-house handyman clauses. As a result, you are paying extra each and every month for handyman services that you do not need or use every month.

Our $100 monthly management fee does not include 3rd party maintenance services, so you only pay for work when you need it. When maintenance issues do arise, our management team will coordinate and oversee the entire process. Any maintenance-related fees are charged directly from the company or vendor performing the on-site work and only for the work performed.

Repairs and Maintenance - Leverage our size

Connected has a vast network of service and maintenance providers. We oversee the building maintenance for hundreds of condo associations and thousands of units so we have active relationships with any type of service provider that your unit will ever need. Even better, due to our volume, our clients receive discounts on almost all services.

Integrity Our company does not receive any kickbacks or income of any kind from these vendors. Instead, we ensure that any price savings are passed to our clients.

Have a contractor or vendor that you already trust? No problem. We will coordinate repairs for your unit using any companies that you'd like. If you don't have relationships with vendors then we will obtain genuine, competitive quotes on your behalf from our group of trusted contractors.





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