Benefit from Specialized Management

Our management service is not designed or even available to all associations. Instead, we provide an elite service that is tailored for a specific type of property. For more than a decade we have dedicated ourselves to this specific segment of the real estate market.

A perfect matchIf your association falls within our market you can enjoy the many benefits of a management service designed just for you.

Only Condominium Management

Your association will be guided and supported by our team of experts that eat, drink and breathe condominium management. Our staff members do not perform management "on the side" or offer management as an add-on product.

Why does it matter?

On the surface condominium management may seem relatively straightforward, and indeed some of it is. There is also a wide range of complex and critical issues faced by board members that go well beyond anything routine. In order to properly govern and protect your association you need resources that have the real-world experience and expertise to provide clear guidance. This is the level of leadership and support enjoyed by associations that have partnered with Connected.

Only Smaller to Mid-sized Condo Associations

We have designed our company from the ground up specifically to lead condominium associations in Chicago that are not large enough to require full-time, onsite management. Our vendor relationships, tools and processes are all built for the unique needs of these properties.

Experience We have partnered with the largest number of mid-sized condo associations in Chicago. You will directly benefit from our experience managing only condominium associations that are similar to yours.

Just as important, your condo association is "in our sweet spot", making you one of our most valued and important clients. By contrast, when management companies service large properties, their smaller clients are competing for the company's focus and support. Which properties would you expect to receive the company's "best" in terms of time and resources?

Only Chicago Associations

If a property management company supports other areas of the state or country you will be competing for the company's resources and leadership. Based in Lakeview, our company is focused solely on servicing condominiums in Chicago. Our clients have access to each and every employee; the entire team working to support this community.

If you reside within the city limits of Chicago, we have a strong presence in your area and the resources to provide fantastic service.



Client Testimonial

Board Treasurer provides feedback after more than 5 years with Connected.


By operating an ethical, fair and transparent business our clients receive the absolute best value in Chicago. We would love the opportunity to earn your trust and help your association achieve new levels of success.


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