The Vision System - Another industry first!

We have incorporated into condo management the methodology and tools used by leading project management firms. Our professional project management system, named Vision, provides an incredible level of tracking and detail about the properties that we manage.

We have made Vision an integral part of our management processes so that all key events that occur at an association and all issues worked on by the supporting management team are fully recorded and tracked within the system.

We have created a short video that provides an overview of the Vision system, how it is used and the benefits that it provides.

Highlights of the Vision System

check Real-time Insight. Board members can access the system at any time to view all open issues and their latest status. No more waiting for updates or wondering what the management team is working on.
check A Complete Association Record. Vision contains a complete history of all key events that occur at the association, including:
  • Maintenance and Repairs. Details of all projects including copies of proposals and contracts, conversations between parties and all other pertinent information.
  • Financial Matters. Delinquencies, unit foreclosures, annual budgets and special assessments.
  • Governance Issues. Record of all meetings, board member changes, changes to Rules & Regulations and other governing documents.
  • Resident-related Matters. Moves in/out of the building, ownership changes, rule violations, owner complaints.
  • Operational Events. Legal, Taxes and Insurance matters.
  • Tribal Knowledge. Helpful information learned by the management team and board that should be documented and known to future board members.
check Board Protection. Tracking key events provides a clear record that the board performed all legally required processes. Avoid legal issues by showing proper execution of holding board elections, adopting annual budgets, passing of special assessments and more.
check Super Easy and Fast. The Vision system comes with easy-to-use search tools. Quickly find the complete details of any current or historical event.
check Optional. While the Vision system can be accessed by board members at any time, there is no requirement to do so. Regardless of how often you access the system, you can be confident in knowing that a history of all association-related issues and events is being created for your current and future boards to utilize when needed



Video of our Properties

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