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Being a board member can be a stressful, time-consuming, "second job". This is the experience for many board members, even after hiring a property management company, when the board's work load should be greatly reduced.

Connected Can Help. With Connected as your partner your board can free itself from the thankless long hours and headaches. The overall health of your condo association will improve, even as your workload decreases.

Premium Management. Think about what you find the most frustrating and lacking with your current property management company. Chances are, these are all areas where Connected shines. Join the hundreds of associations in Chicago that have switched from expensive, lackluster, and flawed traditional management offerings to a partnership with Connected Management.

Innovation. We have spent the past decade transforming the traditional management model, and we provide a specialized service that is unmatched in the industry. The critical differences between Connected and the alternative management options in Chicago will become clear as you learn about our team, resources, processes and procedures.


Happy Board. We deliver tangible results with a focus on making the lives of board members easier. With Connected as your condominium management partner, board members can enjoy their lives with less stress and limited time requirements.

Happy Residents. Residents within the association benefit from our proactive approach to the care of the property, 24/7 support, and a dedication to continually improving the financial health of the association.

More Time, Less StressMore Time, Less Stress

Drastic reduction in time requirements for board members. The board's role is limited to making decisions. Our experts handle everything else.

True Cost SavingsTrue Cost Savings

We charge only for management fees. Avoid thousands in mark-ups, over priced services and other unethical practices that are rampant throughout the industry.

Professional GuidanceProfessional Guidance

Clear leadership and advice is provided to the board at every turn. Our staff is comprised of the most skilled people in the industry.

Financial HealthFinancial Health

We deliver stability through cost reductions, delinquency controls, proper budgeting and long-term planning.

Around-the-clock SupportAround-the-clock Support

Residents enjoy true 24/7 support. Maintenance issues are addressed quickly and efficiently based upon customized rules defined by the board.

Premier Tools and TechnologyPremier Tools and Technology

Our suite of online resources are years ahead of the rest of the industry. The Owners Forum and Vision System allow your association to be managed professionally and efficiently.