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New to Investment Property? What You Should Know About a Property Manager

man desk New to Investment Property? What You Should Know About a Property Manager If you are new to an investment property, you are probably trying to learn everything you can about the business. You want to do well and succeed, easily finding and maintaining tenants to ensure you can turn a profit with your investment. Have you looked into property management services in Chicago yet? If not, the option is certainly something to consider. A Chicago property manager can help to maintain the success of your properties by dealing with tenant need and the upkeep of your investments. Learning more about...
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Why Should You Use Property Management Companies?

why Why Should You Use Property Management Companies? When it comes to renting out a home or apartment, it can be a very overwhelming experience. If you have multiple properties, you will have another full-time job on your hands beside your everyday 9-5. Working with a Chicago property manager can assist you in giving you a break from the day-to-day tasks of owning an investment property. Whether you’re newly starting out or you’re a seasoned professional, here are a few reasons you should consider hiring a property management company in Chicago. No Midnight Calls As the owner and manager of your...
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Five Things to Ask Your Potential Chicago Condo Management Company

question mark Five Things to Ask Your Potential Chicago Condo Management Company If you are seeking a Chicago property management company for your condominium association, it is essential to ask the right questions during your search. You want to find out as much information as you can in order to ensure you hire the right team to care for your association. A property manager in Chicago will be responsible for the day to day operations of your property, including taking care of board member and resident needs, collecting assessments and coordinating maintenance schedules. For your board of directors to be successful, the...
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5 Benefits of Having a Property Management Company

barefoot beach blur 5 Benefits of Having a Property Management Company As a hands-on landlord, you may soon realize that you become overwhelmed with the day to day operations of your many rental properties. Relying on property management in Chicago will allow you to avoid weekend maintenance calls and directly dealing with tenant issues. There are many benefits to having a property management company caring for your rental properties. If you are on the fence, consider the benefits below to see just how help can ease stress and tension you may be feeling dealing with the operations of your properties on your own....
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Tips for Spring Maintenance

springtime 5 Tips for Spring Maintenance When it comes to your Chicago condominium, it is important to stay up to date with your cleaning and maintenance needs. During the spring months, the season is a perfect time to get started on projects that may not have been conducive to complete during the winter months. Below are a few tips to get you started with cleaning and maintaining your condo unit during the spring season. Painting Refresh During the spring, the temperatures start to rise, bringing about warmer weather. The warmer temperatures create the perfect environment for painting. If your condo is...
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