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Why Work With Property Management Companies

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Why Work With Property Management Companies Investing and owning rental property is a great way to grow your portfolio. However, it can also be quite stressful. When it comes to Chicago property management, it can be overwhelming trying to keep up with it all, much less if you have multiple locations. That is why so many seasoned rental property owners choose to work with a Chicago property manager instead of doing it on their own. As the owner of a small to medium condominium in the city, consider these benefits to working with a property manager in Chicago before you do...

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5 Reasons To Consider Hiring A Property Management Company

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5 Reasons To Consider Hiring A Property Management Company When it comes to your property management in Chicago, it is important to have the right team on your side. While doing it yourself is possible, managing multiple properties is simply easier to do with the help of an experienced Chicago property manager. That’s why so many people turn to Connected Management. For years we’ve helped small to medium condominium owners get the assistance they need to properly manage all of their building locations. Here are five reasons you may want to consider discussing your management needs with us today: Less Stress...

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How to Take the Best Pictures of Your Property


How to Take the Best Pictures of Your Chicago Condominium Pictures are the number one thing prospective tenants look for as soon as they discover your property. They immediately want to see what the space looks like, and if it is decent and clean. Pictures are also the number one thing you as a Chicago property manager want to focus on when you are advertising your property and any available units. Below are some tips for how to ensure your photos are top notch and will surely attract more tenants! Use a good camera or a professional! You do not have...

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Common Tenant Complaints and How to Approach Them

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Common Tenant Complaints and How to Approach Them When you work for a Chicago property management company you probably are prone to many tenant complaints. One of the hard parts of the job is figuring out to handle these complaints in a productive manner. For many property managers, complaints from your tenants can become a nuisance. However, if you ignore the problem it can just become bad for your business. Instead of looking at the complaints as a minor inconvenience, you can utilize these complaints as a way to stay informed of the conditions and any ongoing problems at your property....

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What to Avoid as a Chicago Property Manager


What to Avoid as a Chicago Property Manager As a property manager in Chicago you want to make sure your tenants are happy and comfortable. You also want to make sure you are providing quality service and that you are not doing anything that although may seem harmless could result in a poor tenant experience, or worse, a legal matter. There are also simple issues that can be avoided to increase the value and appeal of your property. Here are some common mistakes property managers make that can be easily avoided: Casually dropping in on tenants: Don’t just pop in to...

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