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Home Safety Tips for Chicago Renters

building fire Home Safety Tips for Chicago Renters Renting a condominium in Chicago is an easy way to learn the area, explore where you may want to live in the future and have a home as soon as you move to the area. There are many areas around Chicago to peruse and you’re going to love living close to shopping, dining, and work. However, as a renter, there are some safety tips you need to keep in mind. Whether working with a Chicago property management company or a property owner, keep these handy to help you feel safe and secure in your...
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Increase Energy Efficiency and Attract More Tenants!

action energy Increase Energy Efficiency and Attract More Tenants! When you own a Chicago condominium rental property, you want to make sure that your property is appealing to tenants. You want to ensure that when a vacancy in your unit happens, it isn’t long before that property is filled. You want to make sure your Chicago property is appealing to the potential tenants around the area. Energy efficiency is a huge draw to many people looking for property these days. They want to know that they are being energy conscious when it comes to their everyday processes in life. While there are...
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The Risks of Hiring Unlicensed Contractors

maintenance tools The Risks of Hiring Unlicensed Contractors When you own a property in Chicago, you will have to take care of it with regular maintenance and upkeep. There will be repairs to cover, changes to be made once tenants move out, and regular preservation that is necessary for the property to run smoothly. There will be minor and major repairs depending on how old the building is and how the maintenance was taken care of before you owned it. You may be considering hiring unlicensed contractors or even hiring a friend to work on your building maintenance issues. You may think...
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Tips for Smart Renovations in Your Chicago Rental Property

painting Tips for Smart Renovations in Your Chicago Rental Property When you’re considering a renovation to your Chicago rental property, you want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. Cost-effective renovations are key to keeping your tenants happy while maintaining a good bottom line as well. There are many cost-effective renovations you can choose to work on with your property management company in Chicago. Take these ideas into consideration as you work to better your property for yourself and your tenants. Paint is Always Good A fresh coat of paint can work wonders after a tenant has...
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Is Your Chicago Apartment Building Senior Friendly?

senior Is Your Chicago Apartment Building Senior Friendly? One community that you may totally be missing in your rental properties are the seniors. Seniors typically like to downsize their larger homes and may choose to move into the city to have easier access to medical care, shopping, and transportation. If they are moving into the city of Chicago, is your building ready for them? As a Chicago property owner, you need to take an assessment of your property to see if you are a senior friendly community. Take a look below at what some of the things seniors in your area...
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