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Condo Management 101: Understanding the Power of Social Media

social media Condo Management 101: Understanding the Power of Social Media As a condo rental owner, you most likely promote your rental locally via flyers or perhaps classified ads. You may even use radio advertisements to get the information out to the local public about your property. While these options can work, today’s tenants are basically online only. One of the best options for promoting your rental property is with social media. Learning how to use the many options or rely on your Chicago property manager to do it for you, will ensure that your property is noticed and occupied long-term. Update...
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Why Are Property Maintenance Services So Critical?

chess board Why Are Property Maintenance Services So Critical? If you operate a rental property by yourself, you may be considering hiring a Chicago property manager. With property management services, you have professional assistance in the day to day operations of your rental properties. This option is critical to your business being successful. Newbies to the rental property world quickly become overwhelmed and need help dealing with everything from tenant issues to the maintenance of the building. Learn more about how property management services can help so you can spread the workload and lose a bit of stress from going it alone....
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Increasing Rent: How to Go About Raising Prices For your Property

increase Increasing Rent: How to Go About Raising Prices For your Property If you are a condominium rental property owner, you are leasing your facility to make money. Over the years, you may offer a set price only to find the market has changed. When a property is located in a hot area, the rental price can be increased which helps you to earn more for your condo. But how do you go about increasing the rent, especially with long-standing tenants? Weighing the pros and cons is important in order to make the right business decision for an increase in property...
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5 New Renovations You Can Do in 2020

2020 5 New Renovations You Can Do in 2020 As a property owner, it is important to renovate your buildings from time to time to stay fresh and current. When it comes to rental properties, it is important to update your spaces so that tenants will want to stay in place. Whether you have a vacation rental property, apartment building or another type of dwelling, renovations can add value as well as keep tenants in place. As 2020 begins, consider these options for renovation to upgrade your property to the next level. Refresh the Exterior The first aspect of your property...
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New Year Property Management Checklist

sparkler New Year Property Management Checklist A new year is approaching quite fast and it’s time to check your apartment for some upcoming renovations or maintenance. If you’re working with a property management company in Chicago, they can handle all of these items for you. Below you’ll find a list of a few things that need to be done on your building as the new year approaches. Check Filters – This may be part of your regular maintenance agreement as the building owner. If not, make sure your tenants are changing out their filters for any HVAC unit they may have....
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