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Benefits Of A Property Management Company For Small-Medium Condos


As a property owner or manager of a small to medium Chicago condo, you may feel like a management company is out of your reach. That has never been further from the truth. The benefits that a talented Chicago property management company can bring to your smaller property is just as much as the larger units. That’s where Connected Management comes in. We work specifically with those smaller to medium condo units to help take the hassle out of managing your association.

Connected Management takes care of all the minute details so you don’t have to. Take a look below at the benefits you’ll receive and see why so many property owners in Chicago work with the team here.

Reduce The Vacancies

With the previous pandemic years and the economy as it is, vacancies can cause a huge problem for you as the owner. A knowledgeable Chicago property manager can help reduce the vacancies by making the condo a fantastic place to live. Properly screening tenants before rental can also help to deter the frequency of turnovers. Making sure to vet the tenants and provide a quality lifestyle for those in the building is what you want your manager to do. This helps you to relieve stress from worrying about open rentals.

Take All Client Calls

Instead of you missing birthday parties or being called in the middle of the night for a leaking toilet, your Chicago property manager can handle that for you. This allows you to live life as you have planned without worrying about being interrupted from a resident or building issue. Whether the owner is concerned about a smoke alarm, or they have another issue to discuss, the property manager has it handled for you.

Stay On Top Of Assessment Collections

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to chase down an owner for late assessments. Allow the property manager in Chicago to handle all that for you. You can rest assured that you can offer the latest payment options to make it easy and seamless for your owners to pay their assessments on time. You can count on us to make sure payments are in on-time and handle those that aren’t.

Avoid Legal Issues

Staying on top of all the laws in the Illinois Condo Act can be overwhelming to do on your own. They can also change without you even realizing it. That’s why it’s vital to have a Chicago property management company to help you out. We stay on top of all the fees, changes, regulations and laws that could have adverse effects on you if you miss them. You can rest easy that your team is supporting you and making sure your building and board are in compliance.

Give Connected Management a call today to learn more about the benefits a professional Chicago management company can have on your small to medium condo. We are here to help you!

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