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Questions to Ask Potential Property Managers

ask Questions to Ask Potential Property Managers Managing a multi-family property on your own can be overwhelming. It can also be quite frustrating to try and find a property management company in Chicago that you can rely on. However, there are a few questions to keep in mind when you’re interviewing management companies that will help you weed out the candidates quickly. Be sure that you keep these in mind and ask them if you’re looking at hiring a property manager in Chicago. What type of tenant relations do you offer? – What type of tenant services do they provide? You...
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Advantages of Online Record Keeping in Property Management

laptop Advantages of Online Record Keeping in Property Management Whether you’re a property owner or manager, there are many advantages to going online with your record keeping. Chicago property management has never been easier than when you work with the talented associates at Connected Management. Here you’ll find the latest technology available to you in keeping all of your reports in one convenient place. There are many benefits to this service, and you can discover more about them below. Everything In One Place The sheer convenience of this technology is a huge advantage to property owners and managers. Everything is all...
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Topmost Profitable Moves Rental Property Owners Can Make

money jar Topmost Profitable Moves Rental Property Owners Can Make A successful rental property owner will typically invest in more homes and create good business practices that enhance their ability to turn a profit. It takes hard work and constant dedication to be successful. But what else does it take? What moves can you make as a rental property owner to be more profitable? Check out a few tips below that when practiced regularly will help you to see even greater success. Look Further Than Rental Rates When you are planning to purchase a new rental property, calculating the rental rate of...
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5 Tips For Chicago Property Managers

support 5 Tips For Chicago Property Managers Owning and managing a property can be a great experience. However, it can also be overwhelming when you truly boil down everything that is needed. As a Chicago property manager, there are a few things to keep in mind to help you avoid costly fees or trouble down the road. These five tips below will help you manage your condo safely and protect yourself during the process. Document Everything It is highly important in this day and age that you document each interaction you have with a tenant. This protects you and the tenant...
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Tips To Reduce Summer Turn Over

summer sunglasses Tips To Reduce Summer Turn Over As a property manager in Chicago, you need to find the best ways to retain tenants in your complex. You want to reduce the summer turn over rates that can be quite high. Keeping a few tips and tricks in your back pocket this summer will help you to increase your retention rate as you go into the fall and winter months. Here are just a few ideas to keep in mind. Understand The Reasoning There are many reasons behind people moving out of your complex. It could be that they have a job...
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