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Property Management During the Holidays


Property Management During the Holidays

Being a Chicago property manager can be overwhelming any time of year. Add in the huge Christmas holidays, and you’re downright frazzled! To make sure that you and your property survive the winter holiday season, here are a few tips to remember when it comes to Chicago property management.

Be Accessible

However busy you may be, you always need to have some way for your tenants to contact you. Whether it’s an emergency plumbing problem or something else, tenants need to be assured they can reach their property manager when needed. If you’re working with a Chicago property management company, that is an easy fix. They will be on call for your tenants to assure you and them that their needs are met whether it’s Christmas morning or middle of the night.

Consider a Small Treat

Add a bowl of holiday treats in the office or common area of your condominium. Consider sending a holiday greeting card to your tenants. Just these small tokens of appreciation can go a huge distance when it comes to keeping loyal and happy tenants. They don’t need much, just the simple reminder that you care about them and are appreciative of them.

Leave Maintenance for After the Holidays, or Before!

When it comes to major maintenance projects, try to do them well before the holidays or well after. Having a sidewalk worked on, lobby torn apart, or even the hallways can be quite frustrating during the holiday season. Your tenants are most likely having friends and family over or are simply trying to get in and out of their Chicago condominium. Be sure that it is as simple and holiday friendly as possible.

You also don’t want to have to worry about causing any inconvenience due to water being turned off for renovations or power being temporarily down due to issues with the renovations. It’s best to just plan any type of renovations or maintenance projects for well after the holiday season is over.

Chicago Property Management

If you’re not already using a property management company in Chicago, it might be time to consider it. There are so many wonderful benefits to utilizing this type of service. You can, for starters, skip the late-night phone calls on Christmas Eve. That is because you’re covered with property management services such as the ones at Connected Management. Not only can they handle the after-hours emergencies, but they also handle all of the rent collections, tenant vacancy filling, and screening.

Consider all the wonderful benefits that property management in Chicago can bring you this holiday season. Remember your loyal tenants with a small token of appreciation. Avoid any type of maintenance projects and enjoy the holiday season yourself!

Leave all the Chicago property management to the professionals so your property and your tenants are protected. You will be glad you did once you’re enjoying all the festivities that the holidays have to offer you and your family! Rest assured your tenants will thank you!

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