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Tips to Keep Solid, Quality Tenants in The New Year

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Tips to Keep Solid, Quality Tenants in The New Year

When it comes to retaining tenants, it is one of the most important aspects of your job as an investor or property manager. You want to make sure that not only do you keep tenants that pay, but that you keep tenants that are in the home for the long run. There are a few Chicago property management tips to put into place when it comes to retaining those quality tenants you have or may gain in the new year.

Take a look at these tips below to help you reduce tenant turnover rates and to make sure your Chicago condominium is taken care of.

Make Sure to Stay on Top of Maintenance

One of the biggest things that run tenants out of an apartment is the lack of maintenance and repairs from the owner. If they are constantly having to call multiple times for every issue they have, they will look to find a Chicago property manager that will listen and respond quicker. They want to know that you care about the issues and that you’re going to be a man or woman of your word.

They want to know that when there’s a problem that arises in their home, they can count on you to make sure it is taken care of in a timely manner. A maintenance company can assist you with all the regular day-to-day items. It’s also good to have a handyman or repair company on call too so that you can make sure things are taken care of.

Don’t Price Your Tenants Out

Rental prices can have a lot to do with the type of tenant you get in your home as well. If you have solid tenants already there, rental price increases do take place. However, don’t price them out of your home. Be sure to compare rates with comparable properties in the area. Pricing the rental property fairly will help you to keep and retain quality tenants.

Chicago Property Management

Another fantastic way to help maintain quality tenants is to find a solid property manager in Chicago. You want someone you can trust to take care of your tenants and your property. Connected Management works with smaller to mid-size units in the Chicago area and provides the type of service you want to give to your tenants. They can help you find the right tenants for your property, take on the maintenance and day-to-day aspects of the unit, while also keeping up with any emergency repairs.

A property management team in Chicago can also assist you with other aspects such as collecting rent, making sure everyone is following your tenant regulations and also helping to fill vacancy spots faster.

Connected Management is the premier Chicago property management company when it comes to retaining solid tenants in your new year. Make sure to contact them to see how they can assist you with all your property management needs and help you to reduce vacancies in 2019.

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