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Five Things to Ask Your Potential Chicago Condo Management Company

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Five Things to Ask Your Potential Chicago Condo Management Company

If you are seeking a Chicago property management company for your condominium association, it is essential to ask the right questions during your search. You want to find out as much information as you can in order to ensure you hire the right team to care for your association. A property manager in Chicago will be responsible for the day to day operations of your property, including taking care of board member and resident needs, collecting assessments and coordinating maintenance schedules. For your board of directors to be successful, the right company must be hired.

Below are five questions you should ask when interviewing potential condominium management companies. By finding out this information, you can narrow down your search to the best candidate.

How Much Experience Do You Have in the Condominium Market?

To begin, you need to be aware of how much experience a company has in the market. A new company may not be prepared to take on the responsibility of your association. An experienced company should be able to handle all of your association’s particular needs with ease. The managing company will be able to take care of owner payments as well as deal with resident issues, maintenance needs and more in a timely and efficient manner.

What Type of Software Do You Use?

Today’s successful Chicago property management companies use quality software to streamline their services. With the best property management programs, the manager can easily review your property, manage projects, handle the scheduling of maintenance, know who is behind on their assessment payments and a host of other information.

You want to hire a company that uses up to date management software so that your association, board members and unit owners are well taken care of.

Are You Familiar with the Illinois Condominium Property Act?

In the Chicago area, the property management company needs to be well versed in the laws affecting condominium associations. This means having proven experience navigating the Illinois Condominium Property Act. This way, they can guide the board on properly governing the association within the confines of the State laws. Always find out if the company stays on top of changes to these laws so that you can feel comfortable with the managing team taking care of your association.

What Services Can You Provide?

It is essential that you find out what property management services the company offers in your area. You want to have all your bases covered, from handling assessment payments, taking care of maintenance needs, and covering any problems with the property and its residents. The company should be well-rounded in the services that they provide so they can fully take care of your condo association.

What Options for Communication do you Offer?

Communication is key. To be successful, you must stay in contact with your property management team. Find out what communication options they offer. Can you reach them by phone or text? Do they email or have other forms of communication you can take advantage of?

Overall, these are just a few questions you should ask a potential property management company. Make a full list of questions and take notes as you try to find the right association management company for your needs.

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