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5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Property Manager

questions answers 5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Property Manager Some of you may be looking for a property manager and you’re not sure what to ask the company you are considering. Some of you may already have a list a mile long of what you’re going to ask your potential Chicago property management company. However, consider adding these five questions to your list as well. These are a few ways to help you get to know more of what to expect when it comes to hiring someone to take care of your rental investment. How many other rentals do you...
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Breaking the Lease: What To Do If Your Tenant Never Moves In

padlock Breaking the Lease: What To Do If Your Tenant Never Moves In Finding quality tenants is hard enough to do on your own. What happens when you find a tenant that decides at the last minute not to move in? This breaking of the lease before moving in could happen due to a number of reasons. For example, they may have transferred their job or had an emergency come up that they weren’t expecting. Whatever the case is, how do you respond? What are the steps you should take to ensure you don’t get left in the dust? There are...
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Top Tips for Advanced Tenant Screening

magnifying glass Top Tips for Advanced Tenant Screening Veteran rental property owners will agree that the key factor to long-term profits is quality tenants. Once you find a good tenant, you can be set with a renter for years. It is important to implement advanced tenant screening in your rental process and avoid cutting slack to individuals who which to rent from you as you may lose out in the end. By following a few top tips below and continuing to work with your Chicago property management company, you can be successful in your renting endeavors. Develop Qualification Criteria and Document It...
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How to Use Online Rental Listings to Attract Quality Tenants

laptop online How to Use Online Rental Listings to Attract Quality Tenants As a rental property owner, you want to keep your properties filled with tenants. At this time, the coronavirus pandemic is still an issue, so it makes it difficult for property owners to have an open house for listings or to provide other types of physical promotion. Online rental listings have started to take over the industry for the past few years and are very relative today. With a quality online rental listing, you can easily attract renters during the pandemic and keep your properties full. But how do you...
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Online Assessment Payments: The Future is Now

credit card Online Assessment Payments: The Future is Now Years ago, the only way to pay HOA dues was to mail in a check or provide payment in person. Today, technology changes has made it possible for residents to make their payments online and most prefer this method. For condominium board members, a qualified Chicago condo management company can easily provide this service, helping owners to make payments on time and online. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to be an issue, it seems that online payments are growing, providing a secure and immediate form of payment in a social distancing world. Keeping...
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