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Tips for Winterizing your Chicago Condominium

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As freezing temperatures begin to move across the United States, condominium owners in Chicago should begin considering what steps should be taken to properly weatherize their units. By not taking the correct precautions, individuals leave their units open to the possibility of damage caused by cold weather. Listed below are several tips condominium owners may follow to protect their units from the harsh effects of Chicago winters. 

  • Maintain Air Circulation

    One simple step condominium owners can take to weatherize their units is to leave interior doors open in order to create healthy air circulation. By opening all household doors such as bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and cabinet doors, residents allow warm air easy access to water and other pipes susceptible to damage during the winter months. By doing so, individuals are protecting their pipes from freezing and cracking. This practice also helps eliminate moisture and mildew build-up.

  • Unplug Appliances

    Unplugging appliances that are not in use is a wise and eco-friendly practice. It is an especially good idea when trying to winterize a condominium unit. The Department of Energy states that 5% to 10% of individuals’ residential electricity is sapped by appliances that are kept plugged in 24 hours a day. Although it can seem like an unnecessary and meticulous process to unplug appliances, doing so will protect a unit from the possibility of fire and will also save money on electricity bills.

  • Seal Leaking Windows

    Unwanted cold air often makes its way into condo units through windows that are not properly sealed. Individuals can better protect their unit by taking the time to properly seal their windows. Homeowners may purchase window insulation kits and perform the work themselves. Also, many window companies offer window insulation services. Either way, by sealing leaky windows individuals are taking a major step to better protect their condo. 

  • Keep Thermostats at Reasonable Levels

    Ensuring thermostats are running at reasonable levels is perhaps the simplest step individuals can take to winterize a condo. It is often a temptation for individuals to leave their thermostats at low levels while at work or on vacation, but by keeping them running at warm temperatures levels, individuals will ensure warm air is circulating constantly, therefore further protecting pipes and other amenities that are at risk for damage during the winter months. 

By following these suggestions you can prepare your condo to better combat the Chicago cold.  

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