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How to Get Along With Neighbors in Apartment and Condominium Communities

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Nearly every apartment and condominium dweller has at some point come in contact with one of their neighbors. Residents should do their best to embrace these meetings, not avoid them. Establishing and maintaining healthy relationships with neighbors has the potential to enhance the apartment and condominium dwelling experience. Here are a few tips for getting along well with neighbors. 

  • Be volume considerate

    Perhaps one of the simplest steps apartment and condominium residents can take to ensure they maintain healthy relationships with their neighbors is to be volume considerate. The most common complaints fielded by property managers are related to noise.

    Be considerate of the above, below and next-door neighbors by eliminating as much noise as possible. Removing shoes while inside can have a major impact on noise reduction. Being careful with the volume of televisions and other electrical equipment is also important.

    Obviously not all noise can be avoided or eliminated, but where possible individuals should try their best to do so. This will help keep the peace and minimize the number of complaints within the building. 

  • Be friendly and kind

    The concept of being friendly towards neighbors is basic but often overlooked. For example, when passing neighbors in the hallway it is easy to practice avoidance. It is not always easy to put a smile on your face and say hello.  Making the effort to be friendly, however, will pay dividends over time and go a long ways towards strengthening relationships with neighbors.

    Condominium owners can make a kind gesture to a new resident by offering a small gift such as baked cookies. If a resident is bringing in their groceries, offer to help. These simple practices will help steer relationships with neighbors in the right direction. 

  • If you have a complaint, be reasonable

    When neighbors are being loud, inconsiderate or just rude, it is easy to become testy and overreact. Grabbing a broom to bang on the ceiling or pounding on a neighbor’s door are not smart ways to react if your patience is being tested.  There are more proactive ways to approach a pesky neighbor such as writing a note and placing it on their door. Instead of expressing your concerns with a neighbor immediately, it is often wise to wait until your frustration level has subsided.

    If all attempts to reason with the neighbor fail, individuals should bring their complaint to the property management company. The manager can act as an impartial third party to help resolve the issue. They also often have the ability to levy fines against residents in certain situations, which can help discourage negative behaviors. 

These tips can help apartment and condominium dwellers establish and maintain good relationships with their neighbors. Go build a strong Chicago community!

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