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Tips for Spring Maintenance


5 Tips for Spring Maintenance

When it comes to your Chicago condominium, it is important to stay up to date with your cleaning and maintenance needs. During the spring months, the season is a perfect time to get started on projects that may not have been conducive to complete during the winter months. Below are a few tips to get you started with cleaning and maintaining your condo unit during the spring season.

Painting Refresh

During the spring, the temperatures start to rise, bringing about warmer weather. The warmer temperatures create the perfect environment for painting. If your condo is empty and needs a refresh, painting the interior can easily be done during the spring. Open the windows and get started doing it yourself or use your Chicago property manager to find a company to assist with revitalizing your property with paint.


During the winter, the trees become bare and the grass brown. Once spring arrives, the outdoors begins to pop with color. During this time, use the warmer weather to clean up the landscaping of your property. Add fresh mulch to garden areas, plant flowers and clean up any leftover debris from the winter months. Cleaning up the outdoors of your properties will make them more inviting to potential tenants or purchasers.

HVAC Services

The spring is the perfect time to have the HVAC systems of your property inspected. The HVAC system needs to be up to date with cleaning and maintenance service before summer arrives. This way, you know the unit will work and your residents will not have cooling issues. Being proactive with your HVAC maintenance ensures that your condominium will have quality air conditioning by the time summer is here.

Carpet Cleaning

The warmer temperatures of spring are also perfect for carpet cleaning. If your unit has carpeting, consider hiring a company to provide carpet cleaning services. The spring will provide warmer temperatures for the carpet to dry effectively after servicing as well as ensure your property is neat and tidy.

Renovating an Empty Unit

Is your Chicago condo unit vacant? Check with your Chicago property manager to see if upgrades to your unit make sense. Look around at any areas that need to be renovated. Could the property benefit from new flooring? What about new kitchen countertops or cabinets? Looking at your empty unit during the spring can help you to make the necessary changes to renovate your property so it will be more appealing.

Each of these services is just a few ways you can ensure your property is in good shape. Staying on top of cleaning and maintenance needs will help to protect your investment and keep tenants happy. If you work with a Chicago property manager, be sure they stay up to date on maintenance and cleaning needs in the spring as well as throughout the year. With the right manager in place, your properties will thrive, providing you with additional income for years to come.

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