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Maintaining your Property

What To Look For in A New Tenant

Condo Building

Finding a new tenant for your Chicago property can be overwhelming. You may not be sure how to properly vet a tenant before they are in the home. You may also wonder what actions you can take if they aren’t paying their rent, what regulations to follow and more. All of that can be easily answered when you have a Chicago property manager on your side. Working with an expert in the industry can help you find quality tenants that will be long-term in your condominium. You need to know that there are certain questions you can ask and some that...

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Discover Why Connected Management May Be The Solution To Your Problem

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As a condo board member, you’re probably stressed out and frustrated even if you have a property manager on your side. That’s why it’s important to find a Chicago property management company that can take that frustration out of the process for you. You want to ensure that you have someone you can trust, that you can count on and that you can walk away from the hassles and headaches knowing they’ve got you covered. That’s why so many condo boards and owners just like you work with the experts at Connected Management. The team here strives to offer services that...

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The Challenges of Property Management

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Property management is no doubt a lucrative job, but it comes with a certain set of challenges. As a property manager, you would have to deal with various time-consuming tasks and responsibilities. Nevertheless, knowing about these challenges will allow you to devise a strategy to deal with them accordingly. We'll discuss some of the biggest modern-day challenges for property managers.  Biggest Challenges That a Property Manager Faces Statistics show that the global property management market size will have a valuation of $16.47 billion in 2021. This shows that it is certainly a lucrative industry, but there are certain challenges in the...

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Rental Market In Chicago: What You Need To Know


Rental Market In Chicago: What You Need To Know The pandemic that started in 2020 has caused a fluctuation in the housing market both for buyers and for sellers. Because of the drastic swing and rise for affordability, the rental market has shown signs of swings as well. Some people cannot afford to purchase a home so they look to a rental company to help them find the best place to live at the moment. Chicago property management companies have seen a shift in rental prices and the market over the past few years. What started in 2020 has bled over...

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How to Take the Best Pictures of Your Property


How to Take the Best Pictures of Your Chicago Condominium Pictures are the number one thing prospective tenants look for as soon as they discover your property. They immediately want to see what the space looks like, and if it is decent and clean. Pictures are also the number one thing you as a Chicago property manager want to focus on when you are advertising your property and any available units. Below are some tips for how to ensure your photos are top notch and will surely attract more tenants! Use a good camera or a professional! You do not have...

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